Advantages of bagasse features

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Refined material: Many of the non-wood fibers are similar to the short fiber hardwoods and other regular pulps are so long that they must be shortened to optimize their papermaking value. There is a wide variation in the fiber characteristics of non-wood fibers compared to regular hard wood pulp for paper making. Since, the diameter of the non-wood fiber is small and results in lower coarseness. The potential usefulness of these fiber dimensions provides ideas in pulp and papermaking.

Printability: The treated bagasse fiber has lower tensile index and burst index with higher bulk, tear index, and opacity compared to the untreated bagasse. So, the higher bulk and opacity improves paper’s printability, while the strength properties were still acceptable when the mass removal was about 10-15%.

Viscosity: Bagasse’s viscosity is higher than regular pulp and the treated bagasse is easy to pulp and the much lower kappa number needs less bleaching.

Low Complexity: The simplicity of recovery and the lower silicon content in bagasse made the process infrastructure requirement becomes simpler and so there is no requirement for a complex and expensive recovery boiler and lime kiln.

There is a need of advanced or custom manufacturing infrastructure for bagasse kind non-wood fibers processing. Though, industries oversee the special requirements and use the same infrastructure during the season of bagasse, there is a strong scope for advancements and the un-tapped market in this area.


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