What is Bagasse?

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Bagasse is a plant fiber. More specifically, it is the fibrous matter that is left over after the production of sugarcane, sorghum or agave. So in a word, it is bio-waste. Historically, bagasse was treated as unusable and disposed of - thrown away, burned or left in open piles to rot. It was not seen as a useful by-product. Fortunately, things have changed and bagasse is being seen as a valuable, renewable resource. It is currently being used in a number of applications worldwide, including power production, tree-free paper production and in some countries it is being investigated as a viable base for livestock feed. Bagasse is naturally grease and cut resistant, microwavable, freezer safe and can easily withstand temperatures of 200 degrees fahrenheit. Because it is a plant based product, it is easily compostable and welcomed in commercial composting facilities as a carbon introduction vehicle in the composting process. Most bagasse can be home composted, too - as long as the end user chops or shreds the product and uses proper composting measures. Bagasse is therefore well positioned as an excellent alternative to conventional paper, plastic and foam based products in a growing number of products including tissue, newsprint, tableware, writing paper and a number of other consumer products.


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